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Making a difference together

08 Oct

Thank you!

Posted by Polly Kersys-Hull
Welcome to Hand in Hand's first online store!


Thank you so much for taking the time to look around, we are so grateful for any purchases made (in advance!!)

This is all quite new to us but we are so pleased to be online, and hope it makes buying gifts that make the world of difference that bit easier! 

Last year together we managed to buy:


36 Resource sets 
25 Mosquito nets 
4 Milking cows or coups of chickens 
12 School desks 
27 Pairs of shoes
21 Teachers  
90 Meals for a month 
6 Sets of uniform 
13 Bags of cement
Raising over £3,800!


These gifts made an incredible impact of the lives of children connected to 9 of our project partners.
Disclaimer: Please do not expect a cow or desk to be delivered straight to your door! But the projects will receive exactly what you ordered!
Do you think we can beat it? 
With you we think we certainly can!